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Bronze Cam Stroke Plates
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Casting Bronze Cam Stroke Plates

Machined casting bronze bearings offer technically and economically favorable bearings solutions. It is with high load capability, low weight and good corrosion resistance. SINOBRONZE can offer different types of bronze alloys according to the required life time, service…etc. The tolerance is much tighter than wraped bronze bushes.

Standard Types


JSPW   JPWS   JSPQ        

SINOBRONZE is manufacturing Bronze Bushings from 20 gms to 3000 kgs in single piece in Phosphorus, Bronze, Leaded Tin Bronze, Aluminium Bronze, Naval Bronze, Tin Bronze and Gun Metal. We manufacture as per BS (British Standard), ASTM (American Standard), DIN (German Standard), JIS (Japanese Standard) or any other standard desired by the customer.

SINOBRONZE offers a complete line of cast bronze bushings and oil impregnated sintered bronze parts. Cast bronze sleeve bushings, flanged bushings and wear plates are available with oil grooves, graphite grooves and graphite plugs for lubricity. In addition to our standard sizes, bronze bushings up to 2500mm in diameter under 3 tons are available in a variety of copper alloys.

QC Quality Control Centre has company from Germany (Belec) Direct-reading spectrometer one Taiwan, one hardness machine, one Tensile testing machine three-point inside micrometre 10-100, platform-type multi-function measuring and from 0-1800 within the more than 500 sets of various types of measuring.

Bronze Alloys --- alloy lists

Types of Oil Grooves