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Flanged Bimetal Bearings
Bimetal Flanged Bushings
Material Specifications
Bimetal Flanged Bushings
Metric Sizes


        Bimetal Bush with Flange  

      Sintered SAE797 Layer + Steel Backing + Copper Plating / Tin-Plating
      Sintered SAE799 Layer + Steel Backing + Copper Plating / Tin-Plating
      Sintered SAE48   Layer + Steel Backing + Copper Plating / Tin-Plating
      Sintered SAE783 Layer + Steel Backing + Copper Plating / Tin-Plating


Steel shell backed with a lead bronze lining bearing material for oil lubricated applications. This material has high load capacity and good fatigue properties. It is widely used in automotive applications such as compressors, steering gear, power steering, pedal bearings, king-pin bushes, tailgate pivots, mechanical handling and lifting equipment, hydraulic motors, agricultural machinery etc.


1. Sinter bronze powder: good wear resistance and excellent load carrying capacity.
2. Steel backing: provides exceptionally high load carrying capacity, excellent heat dissipation.
3. Copper plating thickness 0.002mm provides good corrosion resistance.


Bronze Alloys Available

Composition Analysis of Bronze Alloy SAE797,SAE799, SAE48, SAE783

Types for Bi-Metallic Bushing's Grooves and Indents

Lock Types for Bi-Metallic Bushings

Typical Applications




The main applications are in Automotive and Industrial products.
Automotive: McPherson struts and shock absorbers, doors, bonnets and tailgate hinges, steering columns, clutches, gearbox selector fork guides, wiper arms, power steering pumps, pedal bushes, ABS equipment, etc.
Industrial: Aerospace, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, material handling equipment, forming machines-metal, plastic and rubber, office equipment, medical and scientific equipment, packaging equipment, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, pumps and motors, railroad and tramways, textile machinery, valves, etc.
Bimetal Bushings‘ applications for King pin, Spring eyes, Trunion, Piston pin, Rocker arm, Connecting rod, Transmission system, Distributor, Clutch, pilot, Starter, Generator, Oil pump, gear pump, Water pump, Cam shaft, Intermediate shaft, Balance shaft.
Bimetal Washers’ applications for Main bearing, Cam shaft, Crank shaft, Distributor, Transmission system, Oil pump, Ram pump, vane pump and other applications.
Engine Bearings’ application for Cam shaft, Crank (main), Con. Rod (big end) and other applications of engine bearing.

Other Standard Wrapped Bimetal Bushing Shapes



SAE-797 Bimetallic Bush   SAE-799 Bimetallic Bush   SAE-48 Bimetallic Bush            
SAE-783 Bimetallic Bush   Bimetallic Thrust Washers   Bimetallic Strips & Plates            

Non-Standard Bimetal Parts