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SB-2000 JSOX Wear Plates
SB-2000 ( OILES #2000 )
SB-2000 ( OILES #2000 )
JSOX Wear Plates

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  SB-2000 ( OILES #2000 ) Material Specifications  
Steel backing + sintered bronze powder with graphites  

The SB-2000 bushings and sliding plates are composite multi-layer bearings composed of sliding surfaces made of special sintered material and steel back metals. Solid lubricant mainly made of graphite is dispersed in the sintered layer, which is sintered and impregnated with oil.

Sinobronze SB-2000 material is very similar to OILES #2000 material.


Pertinence for motions of any direction due to solid lubricant dispersed evenly, with high performance even for micro-range motions. 
It is suitable for self-lubrication work condition, to aid lower start friction, we recommend pre-lubricated if possible, oiling would be drastically reduced. It has very good load capacity, good wear resistance and lower friction. The bearing can be machined again after the parts fixed to get tighter tolerance.


SB-2000 is a composite multi-layer bearing composed of a special sintered material which forms the sliding surface and steel material forms the backing. Sintered layers are of a special copper-nickel alloy containing uniformly dispersed solid lubricant, the main component of which is graphite. The solid lubricants will be released at the bearing surface as wear occurs. This ensures a lower coefficient of friction during operation. In addition, these sintered layers are oil impregnated.


SB-2000 Materials & Technical Data

Typical Applications

SB-2000 BEARING has been widely used in high load with lower friction and good wear resistance requested mechanical parts where oil given is difficult such as automotive die wear plate, industrial robots, injection wear plate, injection tie-bar bushes, construction machines self-lubricating bearings etc.

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