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SBUS flanged bush, PTFE lined bearings, STAINLESS STEEL backing, metric size & inch size

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Material Specifications
SBU-S flanged bushings
Metric Sizes
SBU-S flanged bushings
Inch Sizes

  SBUS flanged bush, PTFE lined bearings, STAINLESS STEEL backing, metric size & inch size  
Sintered PTFE and Bronze on Stainless Steel Backing (Maintenance-free Material)
PTFE / Fibre + Bronze + Stainless Steel Backing

Suitable for dry running, low coefficient of friction, lower wear, good sliding characteristics, the transfer film created can protect the mating metal surface, suitable for rotary and oscillating movement. 
SBU-S bearings are widly used in chemical industry, food industry, pumping industry, valves industry and ocean industry ... etc.


1. PTFE/Fibre mixture thickness 0.01~0.03mm,  provides an excellent initial transfer film, which effectively coats the mating surfaces of the bearing assembly, forming an oxide type solid lubricant film.
2. Sintered bronze powder thickness 0.20-0.35mm, provides Max. thermal conductivity away from the bearing surface, also serves as a reservoir for the PTFE-Fibre mixture.
3. Stainless steel SUS304, 314, 440... gives strong acid and alkali situation.

Typical Applications

SBU-S bearings are of oil resistant, acid resistant and seawater resistant. More over, there is no lead in the PTFE surface layer and is particularly suitable for application in the food machinery, alkali flow meters, pumps motion elements in pharmaceutical machines, printing machines, chemical engineering machines and other ocean industry.

Other Standard SBU-S Shapes




Non-Standard SBU-S Shapes