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DUB bush, PTFE lined, BRONZE backing, self lubricating dry bearings

Material Specifications 
cylindrical bushings

  DUB bush, PTFE lined, BRONZE backing, self lubricating dry bearings  

Sintered PTFE and Bronze on Bronze Backing (Maintenance-free Material)
PTFE / Fibre + Bronze + Bronze Backing

Suitable for dry running, low coefficient of friction, lower wear, good sliding characteristics, the transfer film created can protect the mating metal surface, suitable for rotary and oscillating movement. Very high chemical resistance, low absorption of water and swelling, also performs very good lubrication feature, the bronze backing provides the improved corrosion resistance comparing with SBU bearings.


1. PTFE/fibre mixture thickness 0.01~0.03mm, provides an excellent initial transfer film, which effectively coats the mating surfaces of the bearing assembly, forming an oxide type solid lubricant film.
2. Sintered bronze powder thickness 0.20-0.35mm, provides max. thermal conductivity away from the bearing surface, also serves as a reservoir for the PTFE/Fibre mixture.
3. Bronze backing, provides exceptionally high load carrying capacity, excellent heat dissipation and very good corrosion resistance.

Typical Applications

This material meets the demanding criteria for long life and trouble-free performance with or without lubricant, of high safety factor even. 
The bronze backing provides a high corrosion resistance, anti magnetic properties and a good thermal conductivity, The bearings are particularly appropriate for high temperature environment where no oil is efficient and the machine must be under successive long period working condition.
The typical applications covered Steel metallurgy industry such as bushes for roller grooves of successive casting machines, cement grouting pumps and screw conveyers for cement and so on.

Technical Data

Physical and Mechanical Properties


Thermal Conductivity λ




very good

Maximum Operating Temperature Tmax



oil lubricated


Minimum Operating Temperature Tmin



grease lubricated


Compressive Yield Strength σc



water lubricated


Maximum Static Load Psta,max



process fluid lubricated


Maximum Dynamic Load Pdyn,max




Maximum Sliding Speed V-dry



Maximum PV Factor-dry, continuous operation


N/mm2 * m/s

Maximum PV Factor-dry, intermittent operation


N/mm2 * m/s

Coefficient of friction f-dry




Coefficient of friction f-oil lubricated




  DUB standard cylindrical bushings  


Other Standard DU-B Shapes



DU-B bearing & DUB bushing (SF-1B series)

BB3540DUB   4025DUB   4530DUB   5030DUB
gear pump bush      
Gear Pump Bush   BB5540DUB | 55x60x40 mm   BB6570145.5DUB | 65x70x14.5 mm   DU-B bearing | 25x28x30 mm
DU-B bush | 19.5x22.35x16 mm   1212DUB | 12 x 14 x 12 mm   DUB bearing | 22.35x25.55x31.75 mm   1820DUB | 18x20x20 mm





























































1215DUB  1220DUB  1225DUB  1310DUB  1320DUB  1405DUB  1410DUB  1412DUB  1415DUB  1420DUB  1425DUB  1510DUB  1512DUB  1515DUB  1520DUB  1525DUB  1610DUB  1612DUB  1615DUB  1620DUB  1625DUB  1720DUB  1810DUB  1815DUB  1820DUB  1825DUB  2010DUB  2015DUB  2020DUB  2025DUB  2030DUB  2215DUB  2220DUB  2225DUB  2230DUB  2415DUB  2420DUB  2425DUB  2430DUB  2515DUB  2520DUB  2525DUB  2530DUB  2550DUB  2815DUB  2820DUB  2825DUB  3010DUB  3015DUB  3020DUB  3025DUB  3030DUB  3040DUB  3220DUB  3230DUB  3240DUB  3520DUB  3530DUB  3535DUB  3540DUB  3550DUB  3720DUB  4020DUB  4030DUB  4040DUB  4050DUB  4520DUB  4530DUB  4540DUB  4545DUB  4550DUB  5020DUB  5030DUB  5040DUB  5050DUB  5060DUB  5520DUB  5525DUB  5530DUB  5540DUB  5550DUB  5555DUB  5560DUB  6020DUB  6030DUB  6040DUB  6050DUB  6060DUB  6070DUB  6530DUB  6550DUB  6570DUB  7040DUB  7070DUB  7560DUB  7580DUB  8040DUB  8060DUB  8080DUB  80100DUB  8530DUB  8560DUB  85100DUB  9060DUB  90100DUB  9560DUB  95100DUB  10050DUB  10060DUB  100115DUB 

02DUB02  02DUB03  025DUB025  025DUB04  03DUB03  03DUB04  03DUB06  04DUB04  04DUB06  05DUB06  05DUB08  06DUB03  06DUB04  06DUB06  06DUB08  06DUB10   06DUB12  07DUB08  07DUB12  08DUB04  08DUB06  08DUB08  08DUB10  08DUB12  08DUB14  09DUB06  09DUB08  09DUB10  09DUB12  10DUB04  10DUB08  10DUB12  10DUB14  10DUB16  11DUB14  12DUB04  12DUB06  12DUB08  12DUB10  12DUB12  12DUB16  14DUB04  14DUB06  14DUB12  14DUB14  14DUB16  14DUB20  16DUB06  16DUB08  16DUB12  16DUB16  16DUB20  16DUB24  18DUB06  18DUB10  18DUB12  18DUB16  20DUB06  20DUB12  20DUB14  20DUB16  20DUB20  20DUB28  22DUB12  22DUB16  22DUB24  22DUB28  24DUB08  24DUB16  24DUB18  24DUB20  24DUB24  24DUB32  26DUB16  26DUB16  26DUB24  28DUB28  28DUB32  30DUB12  30DUB16  30DUB30  30DUB36  32DUB08  32DUB16  32DUB24  32DUB28  32DUB32  32DUB40  34DUB08  34DUB12  34DUB16  34DUB24  34DUB28  34DUB32  34DUB48  34DUB64  36DUB28  36DUB32  36DUB36  36DUB40  36DUB48  36DUB56  36DUB60  36DUB64  36DUB72  40DUB16  40DUB26  40DUB32  40DUB40  40DUB48  40DUB56  40DUB60  40DUB64  40DUB72  40DUB76  44DUB32  44DUB36  44DUB40  44DUB48  44DUB56  44DUB60  44DUB72  44DUB76  44DUB80  48DUB32  48DUB36  48DUB40  48DUB48  48DUB56  48DUB60  48DUB64  48DUB72  48DUB76  48DUB80  52DUB32  52DUB38  52DUB40  52DUB48  52DUB56  52DUB60  52DUB64  52DUB72  52DUB76  52DUB80  56DUB32  56DUB38  56DUB40  56DUB48  56DUB56  56DUB60  56DUB64  56DUB72  56DUB76  56DUB80  58DUB32  58DUB36  58DUB40  58DUB48  58DUB56  58DUB60  58DUB64  58DUB72